credit: Prof Louise Allcock

Cruise title:Deep Ecosystems CE23010

Lead PIs: Prof Louise Allcock

Partners: Dr Martin White, University of Galway; Prof Kerry Howell, University of Plymouth

Location: Porcupine Seabight, Whittard Canyon

Dates: 20 May 2023


The strategic objectives are to study the distribution and density of Marine Animal Forests (MAFs) in deep waters; investigate the role of oceanographic processes in driving the density of these MAF taxa; collect specific species of MAF taxa (corals and sponges) to provide density-biomass conversion estimates, and quantitative data on carbon storage; trial novel artificial intelligence and computer vision as a complementary tool in the study of biodiversity; support the future development of eDNA approaches to the study of biodiversity by providing barcode libraries for Irish MAF taxa; and better understand the poorly-studied pelagic realm of Irish submarine canyons above MAF. 

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