Challenger 150 Approach

What We Do

The Challenger 150 programme is a global scientific cooperative developed to respond to the needs of the UN Ocean Decade. It is a vehicle for coordination of deep-sea research globally towards a set of common objectives. Those objectives are set out by the UN Ocean Decade but here are set in the deep-sea research context (see Howell et al. (2020) for detail)

Upcoming Cruises

Build capacity for deep-sea research globally

Support the development of people, facilities, technology and public understanding

Expand deep-sea biological observations

Expand deep-sea biological observations and sampling in all ocean basins, specifically focusing on underexplored regions.

Build fundamental ecological understanding

Build fundamental ecological understanding of deep-sea ecosystems including ecosystem services delivered by the deep seas, and flows of benefits to society.

Increase use of deep-ocean knowledge

Increase use of deep-ocean knowledge through development of effective ‘knowledge to end-user’ pathways, including use of decision-support tools in modelling deep sea management scenarios.

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO has formally endorsed Challenger 150 as a UN Ocean Decade activity.

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