The Regional Scientific Research Working Groups (RSR-WGs) bring together researchers active in specific ocean basins to coordinate research, prioritize areas for study, support development of new funding bids, build capacity, and ensure data gaps are filled. RSR-WGs also work to identify and liaise with regional stakeholders on research needs and support the development of science to end user pathways.  Furthermore, they ensure the programme’s survey design for the region will be completed by 2030, and work with local stakeholders and the wider DOSI network to move science into policy.

The RSR-WGs are co-chaired by a regionally relevant senior researcher and an early career researcher as part of capacity building efforts. Working group members are drawn from nations boarding the region and those with active research in the region. There are currently 12 RSR-WGs that collectively cover the global ocean. These are: 

North Atlantic

South & Central Atlantic

Eastern Central Pacific / Western Tropical Atlantic

Indian Ocean


North East Pacific

Central Pacific

North West Pacific

South East Pacific

South West Pacific



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