The Deep Ocean We Need Challenger 150 is a global cooperative focused on deep-sea biological research, formally endorsed by IOC-UNESCO as a Ocean Decade action Find out more Global Coordination Our aim is to deliver the science to support sustainable development as part of the wider UN Ocean Decade initiative Find out more NOAA Ocean Exploration Grassroots Initiative The Programme is its membership. It is open to all who wish to participate. Find out more

Our mission is to map the role of the deep sea in human society

We have designed a global scale programme of field work that is needed to deliver the Ocean Decade objectives. Over the course of the Ocean Decade we will map affiliated research in all ocean basins and track progress in achieving global biological sampling coverage.

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Challenger 150 Approach

Working Together Towards Common Objectives and Standards

Challenger 150 provides an umbrella, under which individual research projects can operate, and in doing so contribute to a global research effort coordinated towards a set of common objectives and standards.

Upcoming Research Cruises

Effective deep-sea management is hindered by gaps in our knowledge. Challenger 150 seeks to address this.
Challenger 150 Approach

How We Work

Regional Committees bring together researchers active in specific ocean basins to coordinate research, prioritize areas for study, support development of new funding bids, build capacity, and ensure the data gaps are filled. Technical Committees will support the development of standards in methods and measurement.

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