Cruise title: SIGSBEE-24

Partners: Dr Liliana Pardo, Institute of Biotechnology, Dr. Carlos Mortera, Institute of Geophysics, Dr. Efrain Morellos, Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology
Coordination of Oceanographic Platforms, National Council of Marine Protected Areas

Lead PIs: Elva Escobar-Briones

Location: Mexico Basin

Dates: 10th June 2024 


The cruise contributes by generating long-term ecological information to better understand changes in biological diversity since 1997 to support decision-making on conservation and sustainable development issues. The study area includes the Sigsbee abyssal plain where the long-term ecological study stations (E1 and E2) are located in the Gulf of Mexico. Water and sediment samples will be collected Water samples and records include a fluorescence profiler, an oblique cast of a plankton net to collect plankton and microplastics, CTD and rossette to to profile the full water column collect water samples. The approach of this project contemplates a phenomenological principle based on the structures recognized in the seabed and water column.

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