Kronprins Haakon and the HACON 2021 Team © REV Ocean

Cruise title: HACON21 – Hot vents under Arctic ice

Partner: REV Ocean

PI: Eva Ramirez-Llodra, REV Ocean & NIVA, Norway & Stefan Bünz, University of Tromso, Norway

Location: Aurora vent field, Gakkel Ridge, 82.5N, Arctic Ocean

Ship: Kronprins Haakon, the Norwegian icebreaker

Dates: 28 Sept to 24 Oct 2021

Cruise link: HACON21


About: The HACON21 cruise will conduct a multidisciplinary investigation of deep (4000 m) hydrothermal vents under permanent ice cover in the Arctic, investigating the Aurora vent field (82.5°N) in the Gakkel Ridge. The samples taken will contribute to unravelling the geochemical and physical processes that shape the Aurora biological communities in order to assess the role played by the Gakkel Ridge in connectivity of chemosynthesis-based ecosystems between ocean basins.

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